Brandy Czach

Senior Designer

“I have been creating kitchens for over 15 years and what I have learned is that your kitchen should be a piece of art for everyone to experience. This space is where everyone seems to gather, whether it is family night in or you are hosting a party.” The kitchen should be elegant and timeless with clean lines and subtle detailing. A great kitchen should marry beautiful design and materials with a highly functional workspace. Since this room inevitably becomes the center of your home, I believe in creating the space out of durable materials and finishes that will hold up against daily use. When I sit down with my clients, we talk about the style that appeals to them and we also spend time discussing how they will use their kitchen. We talk about anything from, do they enjoy cooking and what are their favorite dishes to make to how often do they entertain. From these learnings I know how to create a beautifully functional space. Together we will work to find that balance to create their “Dream Kitchen”.