About Us

Commitment to service

Our main goal, whether you’re starting from the ground up or renovating an existing project is to offer a professional, seamless experience. We work to really establish a deep understanding of the clients’ needs and wants and work within their budget to reach the end goal.


Design Consultation

Studio Snaidero Chicago provides a free initial consultation with our experienced, award winning designers, as well as a budget estimate. Once retained, we will work with you to deliver detailed plans for your dream project that also fits within your budget. Our goal is to design a space that will be a source of pleasure for years to come. And because we don’t charge a design fee when you purchase your cabinets with us, you won’t use up most of your budget before you buy the cabinets. Having been to the factory and design studios in Italy, as well as receiving on-going certification, our designers are knowledgeable and will partner with you to understand both the functionality you need and the aesthetic you desire.


Project Management

We manage every step of the design and delivery of your cabinetry. This ensures quality work and flawless execution.



When something’s done right, people notice. But when something is created with flawless precision, that’s when people really see, feel and experience the difference. We can recommend Snaidero certified installers who can bring ease to an otherwise difficult project. Because of their experience and training, they will give you comfort in knowing that your project will be done right.


Quality Italian Product

We are committed to quality in everything we create. That is why all Snaidero products are backed by a 10-year guarantee. Snaidero is the first kitchen manufacturer to obtain ISO 9001 for its quality control systems.