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“We are thankful for the builders and developers who have brought us into their projects. We have been honored to provide exceptional kitchen designs that exceed the needs of their discriminating buyers in these world class buildings”
-Rama Dandamudi, President

For over 25 years, Studio Snaidero Chicago has been outfitting discriminating homeowners with their dream kitchen. We expanded our business to developers over 15 years ago and have been honored to furnish over 7,000 units by supplying top scale developers not only Snaidero kitchens, but also closets, bathrooms, and doors. We are Snaidero’s exclusive residential dealer for the Midwest and, through a privileged relationship with the Snaidero, we have the ability to work on developments anywhere you need.


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Diverse Product Line

Snaidero’s diverse product line allows you to create a building with refined standardization while offering a variety of finishes. Whether opting for sleek modern designs, or refined traditional cabinetry, our designers can help you create kitchens to compliment your building. Furthermore, we are able to offer traditional cabinetry through Plain & Fancy Chicago.

Upgrade Options

With full design support from our dedicated team, Snaidero’s breadth of products allows you to offer each buyer optional luxurious upgrades. Extend a luxury Italian experience to other areas of your units—increasing their marketability—with exemplary crafted bathrooms and closets.

Variety of Finishes

Snaidero offers a wide array of over 100 high quality finishes. From ultra sleek lacquers to luxurious woodgrains. All finishes are created using the latest technological innovations—many pioneered by Snaidero. They are also manufactured with respect to the environment and can contribute toward your building’s green certification.

Chicago Team

Commercial Office

Chicago Showroom

Dedicated Team

Because of our quality, attention to design and detail, and our dedicated team of designers and project managers, many developers look to Snaidero to provide the kitchens, custom closets and bathrooms in their buildings.

Experienced Commercial Team

Our Commercial Team works closely with our partners in the US and in Italy to guarantee excellent support to our clients while keeping within the budget and schedule requirements of each development.

Design Consultation and Planning

Each building is given a project lead that is committed to understanding the project details and is empowered to bring in the necessary resources for successful completion.

Support for the developer and homeowner

Based on a project’s needs, our Commercial Team is accustomed to working with either the developer team or directly with the future homeowner, and is well versed in our entire product line.