The Snaidero Difference

Ingenuity in Design

By pushing design creativity to new levels, Snaidero continues to develop innovative customizable solutions for the home, each working to improve the quality of life.

Form Follows Life

Design is central to Snaidero's mission. More importantly is design with purpose. To work within the framework of each individual client to create a design that will breathe life into the home and create a living, functional space that can be enjoyed by all.

Universal Design for Everyone

"Design for All" aims to simplify life for everyone by creating products and environments that are more user-friendly at limited or no cost. "Skyline" is a successful example of this.

Living for all kitchens

The objective is to create a new concept for a kitchen environment able to "communicate" outside the confines of the house, where home automation devices and innovative remote controlled systems can be installed.

Rino Snaidero Scientific Foundation

Named after the company's founder, the foundation combines some of the best researchers in different interdisciplinary fields to push the envelope in the study of home automation, as well as longevity and home living.

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Ergonomic Studies

Snaidero has gone to great lengths to identify how design and function can be used safely and impactfully for all. From handle design and construction to curvature in cabinet lines, to height and width modifications. Ergonomics plays a large role in design and functionality.

Design Collaboration

For over five decades, Snaidero has been partnering with the most presitigious Italian designers to create industry-leading kitchens that are both functional and aesthetically beautiful.

Made in Italy

Snaidero's kitchens are 100% made in Italy. Owning a Snaidero kitchen means owning a design rich in Italian culture and tradition.

Family Owned and Operated

Founded by Rino Snaidero in the 1940s and still carrying on the traditions of 3 generations of cabinet design and evolution.

Quality Control

Internal processing is key at Snaidero. Allowing all the strategic stages that generate added value in the product to be managed directly in-house.