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Spazio Vivo at the Triennale of Milan

Snaidero’s revolutionary Spazio Vivo kitchen highlighted at the Triennale of Milan

Leaders in Design Ingenuity
Snaidero has continually been at the forefront of design innovation since inception. In 1963, architect Virgilio Forchiassin had the concept – at least thirty years before the other manufacturers – of an arrangement of the kitchen components that is functional and alternative to the usual alignment along the wall. Part of the MoMA permanent collection, Spazio Vivo is now featured in the Arts & Foods Rituali dal 1851—the official Expo exhibition at the Triennale of Milan through November 1, 2015. The Spazio Vivo kitchen by Snaidero has been selected as an icon of the modularity notion in kitchen design, having revolutionized the way of living in the kitchen.

Over 60 years of Innovation
Discover more about Snaidero’s commitment to design innovation for over 60 years. watch our video here