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Iconic Simplicity: On Display Now

The re-interpretation of a classic, with a rational, modern approach, combining meticulousness and elegance to achieve a design quality that ensures a timeless experience.

This is the ambitious challenge that Snaidero has taken on by redesigning the Idea kitchen, the first kitchen without handles. Conceived in 1972, Idea immediately proved popular with its elegant, clean-cut design.

In 2000, Snaidero commissioned the Pininfarina studio for a restyling of the iconic kitchen. The craftsmanship and elegance of the Pininfarina brand brought new sophistication and refinement to the model, confirming the project’s flexibility and enhancing the elegant classic design.

Timeless kitchen designs are those that blend harmoniously into any home architecture and complement any interiors style. They are those that continue to be popular, generation after generation, defying trends and lifestyle changes. They accomplish this by meeting a delicate balance of tradition and innovation. The classic designs are those that evolve to stay fresh and relevant while maintaining their core characteristics.

Such is IDEA, Snaidero’s most iconic cabinetry line; the very first handle-free kitchen, now 42 years old, has been reimagined for a new era. Even at a trade show like Eurocucina, which exists to showcase the industry’s new influences, IDEA doesn’t feel out of place because it’s a living homage to the past, present and future of kitchen design.

Clear yet sophisticated chromatic contrasts bring a new contemporary look to the project. Without excesses, in an extremely modern balance of shapes and technology.


The profile of the beveled door’s edge follows a 45° angle, mirroring the profile of the countertop. The groove runs along the entire perimeter of the kitchen with incredible accuracy and precision.

Subtle and sophisticated color contrasts give the design a contemporary feel. No excesses, while balancing form and state-of-the-art technology.

With the evolution of the design comes that of its finishes, like the range of high-gloss metallic lacquers, originally introduced by Snaidero in the ‘90s, when Pininfarina first brought automotive technology into the kitchen. Available also in all of Snaidero’s lacquered, micalized, metallic, wood and laminate finishes.
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In the showroom
IDEA in Feather Grey High Gloss Lacquer for the base and upper cabinets along with Coffee Brown High Gloss Lacquer for the pantry. Coffee Elm snack bar and open shelving unit. Open shelves in Cappuccino Aluminum.