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Eurocucina 2018


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A beautifully represented recap of all of the kitchen designs that Snaidero presented for 2018 at the biennial Eurocucina in Milan earlier this month are shown below. These kitchens reflect Snaidero’s interpretation of the most popular trends in modern kitchen design. Take a look!


The latest in design by Michelle Marcon

By definition, Transitional Design is the practice of creating living spaces that bring together different styles from past and present- a kitchen design element that has been steadily increasing in popularity.

Introducing HERA, the design that adds a contemporary touch to an English country style kitchen that evokes elegant and refined features. From open shelving and storage concepts that were once very traditional to LED lighting and use of bold metal finishes that blend in the contemporary look and feel to bring together a seamless styling concept.

HERA features a transitional framed door offered in a mix of materials, finishes, handles and storage elements that add the right amount of contemporary touches.


The 8th design collaboration between Snaidero and Pininfarina Design

A design centered on flowing surfaces and perfect form. The vision is most prominent in the sculpted solid ash wood island/peninsula ‘leg’ that creates the visual effect synonymous with Pininfarina design.

VISION defines the fluidity of look and feel that many homeowners seek in their kitchen spaces all while maintaining purpose and a clear design statement.

Through the dynamic collaboration of innovative design and technology a metalescent lacquer finish was created to complete the VISION. This newly created lacquer is an elegant satin finish that mimics the visual effect of metallic surfaces and adds the seamless dimension to the overall VISION design.


Andreucci & Hoisl Design

LINK accentuates the space between the wall units and worktops to create a more open, flexible design system which adds a new dimension to the way kitchens can be organized.

LINK also uses functional and advanced back units to provide a more intrinsic solution to maximize workspace than the standard combination of drawers, deep baskets and shelving. Maximizing functionality is key to this latest and innovative design system.


By Iosa Ghini Design

The 2018 reconcepted and already award-winning design marks a classic kitchen with a contemporary twist.  The classic design with framed doors, recessed handles and a combination of glossy and matte lacquer finishes bring out the beauty of this eye-catching design.

FRAME reimagines traditional finishes and turns them into functional pieces with a modern and refined appeal.

Way Materia

By Snaidero Design

We introduced this WAY evolution earlier in the month. WAY Materia focuses on pure lines and clean design, aiming at enhancing the materials employed in this project.

In Review