Michele Marcon

Born in 1970, Michele Marcon attended university for graphic art. He first graduated as Maestro d’Arte and with an additional certification as an Advertising Designer from “M. Fanoli” school in Cittadella. He also attended specialty courses in industrial and interior design.

As a designer, he worked for Lino Codato studio for twenty years, where he gained a vast knowledge of furniture and interior design.

In 2008, he began his career as a freelance designer, continuing to propose innovative and harmonic design ideas that exceed the expectations and surpass the needs of his customers and clients.

In 2013, Marcon began his relationship with Snaidero by designing CODE EVOLUTION and ORANGE EVOLUTION. Both designs served as updates to two of Snaidero’s most popular kitchen styles and were designed to satisfy the demands of a younger clientele looking for quality, customization and trend appeal. Both concepts afford homeowners the luxury of creating a tailor-made look by playing with a wide range of materials and modular elements.

Marcon’s 2015 designs LOFT and OPERA designs for Snaidero continue to explore this concept in new ways.  “Loft” presents a mix and match effect of industrial (cement, iron) and raw natural materials (wood), clean lines and improved technology for a kitchen that speaks the language of trendy urban dwellers.

On the other hand, “Opera” is a luxury modern kitchen aimed at a more mature audience. The design gives homage to more traditional handles, while experimenting with austere volume and sizing. Opera’s 120 possible configurations open the door to endless design solutions.