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A Classic Evolution

A Classic Evolution

Way Materia

Way Materia by Snaidero represents the evolution of the Way concept; focused on stylistic and aesthetic clean design, concentrating in the project’s material enhancements.

Way Materia uses ceramic material to cover usable surfaces like a real architectural skin, making it a modular kitchen open to the living elements where every detail is expertly chosen to obtain a refined and extremely polished result.

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Like Way, Way Materia is a design kitchen with a handle-free profile that is rigorous in its proportions, minimal in its composition and sophisticated in its choice of finishes and colors.

The ceramic finishes are characterized by great resistance to heat, stains and scratches: a perfect solution for those who want to combine aesthetic design and every day practicality.

Choosing to use the ceramic finish as a worktop represents a real hygienic and antibacterial ‘chopping board’ on which food can be processed directly using blades, liquids, oils, wine and hot pots.

The option for open shelving helps create a spatial continuity between the kitchen and the living area while still remaining functional and stylistic.